Emilia Burton Trust has been founded in memory of Late Mrs. Maria Emilia Burton. Our goal is to reach out to people in need – women and children being our primary focus.

With special focus on women and children, we aim to enable poor and vulnerable groups to better their own situation by providing them with basic necessities.

We believe the way to empower women and girls is by promoting quality healthcare and education services and encouraging them to have long lasting objectives in their lives.

Discrimination against women, coupled with poverty in the society, cause women to lag behind in education, employment and healthcare. This further makes them prone to atrocious crimes such as immoral trafficking, dowry deaths, rape and molestation. Empowering them with education is, therefore, the right way to overcome poverty and social injustice.




Children of today are citizens of tomorrow. We believe that educating a child goes a long way for the well being of the child…



Women play a major role in every home. In the lower income strata we see many women playing the role of bread winners…..

Small Business


As a Trust we support small time businesses for women in the lower income groups. We provide financial support to women to start small………